Start-up of the Granule 777 wood pellet plant will support Barrette Chapais Ltd. in its mission to provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly products while contributing substantially to the region’s economy, keeping local activity dynamic and inspiring others to make local investments.

In compliance with sustainable forest management principles, Granule 777 wood fiber is supplied from local forests that are managed under the most stringent sustainability standards. The use of this certified fiber as well as the rigorous management of the power used during the manufacturing process pushes the concept of sustainable forestry even farther.

By using eco-certified wood pellets instead of fossil fuels to generate electricity, European utility companies are significantly reducing their carbon footprint and are thus able to show a positive carbon balance that meets European Union (EU) regulations.

EU standards require that wood pellet producers use only wood fiber from sustainable forestry operations. To meet this requirement, Granule 777 Inc. has conducted an in-depth analysis of its fiber sourcing and is proud to publish its Supply Base Report. This report is available for download via this link: Granule 777 – Supply Base Report – Avril 2021

If you have any comments or questions about our company’s wood pellet certification, please contact Denis Chiasson, Certification Manager for Granule 777 Inc.:


While working toward recognition by a European certification program, Granule 777 Inc. is proud to announce that its products recently received the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)® Chain of Custody certification.


Licence code : FSC-C123866